Quite often people struggle when they first try to adjust the set point of a Gems Sensors pressure switch fitted with a DIN plug electrical connection.


The most common mistake is made by accidentally trying to adjust set point using the (brass) slotted head fixing screw (left image below), actually used to lock the plug in place with the Phillips head screw, first removed when taking off the DIN plug.



Adjustment is actually made after removing this slotted scew, exposing the target 1/8" hex fitting (right image above) and rotating it with an Allen key to achieve the desired set point.


For reference we have attached below our updated version of the Gems Adjustable Pressure Switch Instruction Bulletin (208687, Rev.B) which includes a few additional pointers - but keep in mind to change the set point of the pressure switch you'll need to:

  • Keep the switch connected to a pressure source, with some sort of reference (e.g. dial gauge or other).
  • Remove the DIN plug & therefore need some way to test the switch status across the terminals (e.g. a multimeter).
  • Rotate the Allen key in the hex fittin:
    • Clockwise: to increase the set point pressure
    • Anti-clockwise: to decrease the set point pressure

NOTE: the adjustment process for vacuum switches is the opposite to that above.


Alternatilvey spend a few minutes watching the Gems demo video below taken from their YouTube channel.



As always, if you have any concerns, questions or would just like to talk through the process with one of our team, please give us a call!