Lake K & T style hydraulic system analysers

  • A complete hydraulic troubleshooting system consisting of:
    • Style K: flow meter, precision needle-type load valve and Glyerin filled pressure gauge
    • Style T:  as above but adds a Thermowell protected temperature gauge
  • Small enough to fit in a tool box and built to withstand rigorous industrial use
  • Without batteries to fail or other electrical power connections to make, this system will provide a lifetime of simple and reliable operation
  • These multi-measurement analyzers simultaneously measure:
    • Flow in GPM & L/min
    • Pressure in PSIG & Bar
    • Temperature in °F & °C
  • Accurate measurements can be taken in any mounting orientation, without the straight plumbing required with other analyser systems
  • Optional built-in reverse bypass mechanism prevents potential damage from misinstallation or backflow
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Lake WTA hydraulic test analyser

  • Simple compact design allows for simultaneous measurement of flow, pressure and temperature on mobile, industrial & agricultural industries
  • Can be connected “In Line” between the pump and valve for convenient machine testing
  • Manufactured in a painted high quality steel case with removable lid
    • Can withstand the most rigorous of use out in the field
  • A loading valve allows you to simulate pressure on the hydraulic system without the need to operate all the machine functions in the workshop
    • The multistage valve design assures low handle effort and smooth operation over the entire flow and pressure range
  • Heat stressed hydraulic fluids can be a major factor in component failure
    • The thermometer (calibrated for both °F & °C) is a carefully designed and integrated part of a high quality unit, not a bolted on afterthought
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