TriOS W55 wiper system

TriOS wiper system with replaceable blades.

  • Order to suit path length


The wiper system can be used in conjunction with compressed air too - YouTube demo.

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TriOS flowcells

  • Available in different sizes for the various TriOS sensors
  • Pressure: 1 bar (max.)
  • Process connections: tube pushfittings - 8mm (inlet) & 2 x 6mm (outlet)
  • Through flowrate: 2 » 4L/min
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TriOS AirShot

  • Self-contained system provides instant pressuried air cleaning for use with all TriOS sensors where compressed air isn't readily available


  • Supply: 100 » 240VAC (max. 4A)
  • Temp: -5 » 35°C
  • Encl: IP44 for venting
  • Weight: ~4kg
  • Cleaning: up to 7 bar
    • Freq: (std) is 15secs every 15mins, (max) up to 6secs every 2mins (@ 20°C)
    • Output: pulsed spray
  • Connections: 3m power cable supplied, 5m comms cable between compressor & TriOS controller (TriBox3 or TriBox Mini), 10m air tube between compressor & valve (cannot be shortened) and 5m air tube between valve & sensor fitting (can be shortened).
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TriOS ultrasonic flowcell

  • Just like a standard flowcell, but fitted with ultrasonic cleaning to reduce maintenance of your TriOS photometers like the OPUS, NICO & LISA!
    • Suitable for all photometers with path lentgh up to 10mm
  • Built-in viewing window allows for quick inspection of the sensor
  • Supply: 12 » 24VDC (±10%). ~15W
  • Temperature: -20 » 70°C (ambient)
  • Pressure: 1 bar (max.)
  • Process connections: tube pushfittings - 8mm (inlet) & 6mm (outlet)
  • Through flowrate: 2 » 4L/min
  • Enclosure: IP64
  • Mat'ls: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Coming soon - flurometer version
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TriOS sensor mounting clamps

  • Available in multiple sizes, these mounting clamps can be used to mount almost any of the TriOS sensors.
  • NOTE: for best performance always mount sensors at a slight angle to prevent the entrapment of air bubbles on the sensing surface
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TriOS sensor mounting floats

  • For one or two sensors - NOTE: a specific unit is to be used with the enviroFlu sensor
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TriOS BUOY-150 custom built buoy system for environmental monitoring

For more information about what is possible with these custom built systems, please send us an email!

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TriOS panels for FlowCell mounting

TriOS made panels for mounting of FlowCells - specified to suit your instrument.

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