VTC + VIC integral flow meter display with totaliser

  • Mounts directly into flow meter
  • Choice of inductive or Carrier Frequency pick-ups
  • Push-button programming
  • Weather proof (IP65)
  • Some IECEx Ex ia models available - refer IECEx link
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KEM VTD03 dual pickup carrier-frequency amplifier

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KEM VTE*/P carrier frequency pulse amplifier

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KEM WT.02 + WI.02 integral pulse to analogue converter with interface

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Eletta D series flow meter, totaliser & switch

  • Newest in the Classic range
  • Uses common pipe sections and can be used to upgrade other of the Eletta Classic controllers
  • Programmable, digital back-lit display that can be rotated electronically through 360°
  • Multipoise installation of instrument
  • Isolated 4 - 20mA output linear to flow
  • Frequency output 200 » 1000Hz, linear to flow
  • 2 independent relay outputs for alarms
  • Resettable totaliser function
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Gems Sensors DM21 Rate Meter / Totaliser

  • 8 Digit LCD
  • Accepts pulse inputs from flow sensors
  • Rate & total displayed
  • Programmable features:
    • Update time, minimum number of pulses, and forced zero time
    • Programmable colour change display based on an event (red / green)
  • 90-264Vac or 20-50VAC/DC Supply
  • 9-15VDC powers RFO or FT-110 flow sensors
  • Optional linear analog output relative to rate
  • Standard outputs: two NPN transistors and one relay (2nd relay optional)
  • CE Approved
  • Standard 1/8 DIN size (92 mm x 45mm cutout)
  • Include output 1 & 2 status annunciators
  • Learn how to program here on YouTube
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Gems Sensors M103 Compact Rate Meter / Totaliser

  • Easy to read 8-digit supertwist LCD (4-digit, with legend for rate) with backlighting capability
  • Simple menu driven setup
  • NEMA 4x rated front panel for use in washdown environments
  • Independent scale factors for total, rate and pulsed output
  • 3V lithium battery (1 or 2) provides long life and eliminates the need for external power
    • NOTE: For backlighting or powering the output also order the M103 Power supply
  • Accepts pulse inputs from flow sensors
  • Rate & total displayed
  • Powers light & RFO or FT-110 sensors
  • Learn how to program here on YouTube
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