Elko HRH-5 level controller

  • Level controller for:
    • conductive level switch (8A)
    • direct pump control (filling or emptying) between 2 points
  • Can be used with float switches to provide a simple latching circuit
  • DIN rail mount (EN 60715)
  • Stocked product
  • Output: 1 x SPDT relays (8A)
  • Supply: 24Vdc or 250VAC (50/60Hz)
  • Temp: -20 » 55°C (operating)
  • IP40 (not weatherproof)
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Elko HRH-1 level controller

  • Level controller for:
    • 2 separate level switches
    • direct pump control (filling or emptying) between 2 points
  • DIN rail mount
  • Stocked product
  • Output: 2 x DPDT relays (16A)
  • Supply: 24Vdc or mains AC
  • IP40 (not weatherproof)
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Kari PKL watertight multi-pin quick connector for pumps

  • Save time & effort by retro-fitting this multi-pin cable connector to pumps
    • Reduce the time taken for electrical connections to seconds
  • Once fitted, no need for electricians when removing a pump for scheduled maintenance or time critical repairs or replacements - just unplug & go!
  • Easy to order - simply specify the number of poles required & the outer diameter of your cable
    • PKL supplied with both female socket & male plug for an easy installation
  • Voltage: up to 750VAC
  • Current: up to 25A on each pole (+ Earth)
  • Poles: available with a choice from 4 » 10 electrical poles (incl. Earth)
  • Materials: plastic housing (EBA & Nylon), brass & SS cores
  • Temperature: -40 » 40°C
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Cables: glands (busings) to suit cable Ø9 » 32mm
  • Weight: 1.1kg (max.)


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Gems Sensors Flip-Pak solid state latching circuit

  • Solid state latching circuit
  • Provides a latching circuit for pump control between two level switches
  • Output: 1 x SPST (N.O) relay (5A)
  • Supply: mains AC
  • Not weatherproof
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Elko HRH-6 multi-point conductive level controller

  • Measure up to 5 liquid levels with the use of six conductive probes (5 if the storage tank is metallic)
  • LED confirmation of each level alarm
  • It's possible to connect a secondary "remote" display - useful in applications like trucks to indicate level inside the cabin
  • Adjustable sensitivity for your media
  • Adjustable time delay to avoid sloshing "noise" during filling or whilst driving around
  • Available in 12»24Vdc or 230Vac models
  • Independent 10A relay for "full" or "empty" alarm
  • IP65
  • Choice of pump filling or emptying control
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Gems Sensors Opto-Pak controller for transistor type switches

  • Extend the power & switching capabilities of 10»28Vdc electro-optic switches
  • Supply: 115 and 220Vac models
  • Output: SPDT (5A) relay
  • Enclosure: open board & IP65 enclosure models
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