Eletta M series

  • Blind flow meter, high accuracy, 1:10 turn down
    • Liquids and non hazardous gases
    • Built-in Pressure vs Temperature curves for gases!
  • 2 wire loop powered 4 - 20mA output
  • Controller interface common to all Classic pipe sections 
  • Using the Eletta Combo plate, can be added to existing S series or even TIVG installations to provide analogue output in addition to the indicator / flow switch functions of the existing control.
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Eletta D series flow meter, totaliser & switch

  • Newest in the Classic range
  • Uses common pipe sections and can be used to upgrade other of the Eletta Classic controllers
  • Programmable, digital back-lit display that can be rotated electronically through 360°
  • Multipoise installation of instrument
  • Isolated 4 - 20mA output linear to flow
  • Frequency output 200 » 1000Hz, linear to flow
  • 2 independent relay outputs for alarms
  • Resettable totaliser function
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Eletta R series

  • Blind flow monitor with analogue 4-20mA and frequency outputs
  • Alao available with Hart® protocol
  • Uses common pipe sections across the Eletta CLassic range
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