Cerlic CBX & CBX+ sludge blanket level (SBL) & profile sensor

  • Combines NIR suspended solids sensor with accurate depth measurement to provide sludge blanket profile
  • Analogue outputs for: sludge blanket level, fluff (unsettled sludge) level, real-time TSS concentration & real-time sensor depth
  • 4-20mA or Profibus DP output (optional)
  • Completely self-cleaning
  • Two models:
    • CBX: range up to 2% TSS (depending on sludge type)
    • CBX+: range up to 5% TSS (depending on sludge type)
  • See it in action - YouTube demo
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Cerlic Blanko sludge blanket level (SBL) & profile sensor

  • Combines a NIR (near infrared) suspended solids sensor with hydrostatic pressure transducer to accurately plot TSS vs depth for complete sludge blanket profile
  • Plug and play connection to the MultiTracker handheld controller
  • Range: 0 » up to 20,000mg/L (ppm) or 2% TSS - dependent on sludge
  • Depth: up to 19m
  • Temperature: 0 » 50°C
  • Enclosure: IP68 (handheld MultiTracker IP65)
  • Accuracy: ±1% FS (TSS), ±0.5% FS (depth)
  • Output: profile via graphical (backlit) display, alarms (vibration & sound) for 2 x adjustable levels (fluff & sludge blanket)
  • Datalog up to 250 samples into customised folders before PC sync via supplied cable & software
  • Wetted Materials: 316SS, BK7 glass & PUR (cable)
  • See it in action - YouTube demo
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