Cerlic O2X DUO dissolved oxygen sensor (optical or galvanic)

  • Built-in self-cleaning (NOT mounted externally) with water or compressed air - no moving parts for low maintenance
    • NO service agreements
  • Range: 0 » 20mg/L
  • Outputs: 4»20mA or optional Profibus DP from BB1 (single sensor - link) or BB2 (up to 4 sensors - link) controller
  • Mounting: submersible sensor (IP68) mounted on 4m spring loaded telescopic rod (fibreglass), slide rail or chain
  • Life expectency:
    • Consumable sensing cells: 18»24 months (electrochemical), 2»3yrs luminophore (factory replacement) & 5»10yrs cell (complete optical cell)
    • Sensor: 10yrs
  • Temperature: 0»50°C
  • Wetted materials: 316SS
  • See the telescopic rod with rail mounting kit in action - YouTube demo
  • See the self-cleaning in action - YouTube demo
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