Gems Sensors XT-1000 magnetostrictive level sensor

  • Float type level transmitter for high accuracy level sensing
  • Specific models for mobile / heavy vehicle applications with high vibrations
    • We can provide locally made custom mountings (e.g. bottles)
  • Lengths: 200 » 6,000mm
  • Liquid S.G.: >0.4
  • Process connections: compression fittings & most common threads (G, R & NPT) / flanges including tri-clamp
  • Accuracy: ±0.2mm
  • Resolution: 0.1mm (visible steps in output)
  • Output: 4-20mA (2 wire) spannable (optional HART)
  • Enclosure: IP68
  • Supply: 10»30Vdc
  • Temperature: -40 » 125°C (others on demand)
  • Pressure: 0 » 120bar @ 21°C (others on demand)
  • Wetted materials: 316SS & others (e.g. Hastelloy C)
  • Hazardous areas: IECEx Ex ia
  • Available with material certificates on request.


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Gems Sensors XT-300 & XM-300 continuous level sensors

  • Float type level transmitter for continuous level sensing.
    • Designed for OEMs with a high degre of customisation possible!
  • Wetted parts from a choice of engineered plastics for chemical compatibility.
  • Small size for continuous output in shallow tanks.
  • Lengths: up to 355mm of indication length (500mm stem)
  • Liquid S.G.: >0.45 (choice of floats)
  • Process connections: choice of flanges, compression fittings & common threads (NPT, G, Metric)
  • Resolution: 4mm
  • Output: XT-300 4-20mA (2 wire); XM-300 proportional voltage (V) or resistive (Ω)
  • Enclosure: choice of cable, junction box or DIN plug
  • Temperature: -40 » 121°C (dependent on material choice)
  • Pressure: up to 17bar (dependent on material choice)
  • Wetted materials: Buna-N, Noryl, polysulfone, polypropylene or PVDF
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Weka XT-800 TLI float type level sensors

  • Wide choice of customisation available within XT-800 float type level transmitter range
  • Process connections: BSPP (G type) threaded or flanges
    • Top or bottom (inverted) mounting
    • We can provide locally made custom mountings (e.g. bottles)
  • Liquid S.G.: >0.6
    • Adjustable interfce flaots available on request
  • Outputs: 4-20mA 2 wire (XT-8xx) or voltage (XM-8xxx)
  • Lengths: 400 » 3,000mm typically
  • Resolution: 5mm
  • Enclosure: IP65 with a choice of electrical connections (e.g. cable, junction box, DIN plug etc)
  • Supply: 10»24Vdc
  • Temperature: 0 » 60°C (others on demand)
  • Pressure: 0 » 10bar (others on demand)
  • Wetted materials: 316SS & others (e.g. brass)
  • Hazardous areas: ATEX with IECEx coming
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Weka VLI transmitters

  • Custom made to match magnetic visual level indicator (VLI) length
    • Provide 3-wire (4-20mA or Ω resistance) or 2-wire (4-20mA loop powered) output to remote level indicator, PID controller, recorder or PLC
  • 5mm & 10mm resolution "reed chain"
    • 0.1mm magnetostrictive versions also available
  • 316/L IP68 10bar enclosures
  • PA cable gland with strain relief, NBR seal & 5m PVC cable
  • Media temperature ranges: -50 » 150°C
    • High temperature 350°C versions also available
  • Models: 31967, 31967-W, 31967-K, 38614, 29710 & **new** 31967-KSTM with M12 connector
  • Hazardous area (IEC Ex) versions available - refer link
  • HART interface versions available
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Weka IECEx approved Ex ia and Ex d VLI transmitters

  • Intrinically Safe IECEx Ex ia transmitters with 5 or 10mm resolution:
    • 32607-NI with 4-20mA output
    • 38614-NI ATEX magnetostrictive with 4-20mA output
    • 29710-NI with voltage output


  • Flameproof IECEx Ex d transmitters with 5 or 10mm resolution:
    • 32608-ND with 4-20mA output
    • 38614-ND ATEX magnetostrictive with 4-20mA output
    • 29710-ND with voltage output


Models available with HART (Ex ia or Ex d).


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