Sitron SOP400 series electro-optic level switches

  • No moving parts
  • Small size for tight applications
  • Supply: 9»32VDC or 5»12VDC
  • Output: Transistor output PNP (NO) or NPN (NO or NC) or remote LV400 controller with relay output
    • Local: LED indication
  • Performance: ±0.5mm repeatability, <1mm hysteresis, ~1sec response time
  • Process conn: NPT, BSP or sanitary fittings
    • Insertion length: typically 35mm
  • Media: 
    • Temperature: -40 » 100°C media (up to 135°C on request)
    • Pressure: up to 20 bar
  • Wetted parts: 316SS or PVC (>¾"), 
  • Enclosure:IP67
    • M12 cable or plug
  • Protection: reverse polarity, short circuit & over voltage
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