Gems Sensors WIF water in fuel & lubricating oil switch

  • The rugged WIF-1250 sensor was designed with no moving parts (conductivity) to provide compact, reliable & simple detection of the presence of water in fuel.
    • Typical applications include off-highway vehicles, heavy machinery, diesel storage tanks and generator sets.  It can also be a useful addition to fuel filters and lubricating oil tanks to sense lubricant property degradation.
    • Alternating (±DC sqaure wave) potential prevents typical metal probe material loss through electrolysis
  • Suitable OEM applications with customisation available on request
  • Process conditions: -40»125°C, up to 750PSI (@21°C)
  • Materials: nickel plated steel, electrolytic nickel plated & fused glass
  • Insertion length: approx. 5mm
  • Sensitivity: 10kΩ
  • Slosh dampening: 5secs delay
  • Supply: 8»32Vdc
  • Output: open collector (sinking output) on wet or dry
  • Electrical connection: 380mm cable (15")
  • Mounting: in any position, threaded
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Gems Sensors ULS-1

  • Compact, ultrasonic point level switch
  • No moving parts for long service life, rugged usage
  • Wetted parts: 316SS
  • Process conditions: 80°C
  • Outputs: SPST relay and transistor (wet sink or source) models available
    • Delay: 0.5sec
  • Mounting: ¼" & ½" NPT thread models
  • Supply: 5»30Vdc
  • Electrical connection: weatherproof (IP65) with 12" (300mm) PVC cables
  • Some models available ex. stock including 220903, 221485 & 221486.
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