Besta BLS frequency-sweep technology level switch

  • One sensor detects a wide range of different media (liquids, bulk goods / grains, sticky or pasty media, high or low viscosity) - immune to foams & suspended particles
  • No moving parts for maintenance free operation
  • Rugged design, resistant to shocks & vibrations (IEC 60068-2-6, GL test 2)
  • Compact with fully integrated electronics (LED switch status indication)
  • Fast response time (<100msec)
  • Mount in any orientation - with correct factory setting even coating shouldn't affect switch
  • Factory set to required dielectric constant (DK) though one setting works for about 80% of media!
  • Process conditions: -40»115°C, up to 100bar
  • Materials: stainless steel & PEEK
  • Approvals: DNV marine and FDA / hygenic models available (CIP can withstand up to 130°C for 1hr)
  • Optional factory set damping 0»10secs, 0.1sec by default)
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