Weka Visual Level Indicators have been sold in Australia since 1970. Indeed, there are many indicators from the ‘70s still going strong. That’s the beauty of the Weka Magnetic Level Indicator system.

  • They require no power to operate
  • They fundamentally require no service
  • They are safe, safe, safe!!!
  • You can add switches for alarms or pump control
  • You can add transmitters to give you a 4-20mA signal

but, they just got better!

WEKA Level Indicator If you have an old indicator, built in 19xx, we can very easily improve the indication rail so you will see double!

The new indication rails are now twice the width of the old style.

As a consequence they are much more visible. In fact, the new rails can be comfortably read from tens of metres distant.

Not only are the new indication rails twice as easy to read, we now are able to offer them in different colour combinations. So if you have process where you might like to distinguish between the fluids, eg, hazardous and non hazardous fluids. We can even supply indication rails with multiple colours in the one rail.

WEKA Level Indicators

Like to upgrade ? No problems.

If you can provide details from the nameplate of your existing Weka…that will tell us all we need to know. If that’s not easy, simply run a tape over the length of the rail. Tell us the length and the operating temperature if it’s over 150°C.

We can quote you and deliver rails normally in one week.

Read the WEKA Makrolon PDF (103Kb) for more details.

Email help@controlcomponents.com.au telling us your details. We’ll quote you by return.