Introducing an essential piece of kit for hydraulic service centres and maintenance personnel - the AW-Lake Hydraulic Test Analyser!


From your toolbox it can be used as part of a predictive maintenance program for scheduled pump, valve, and motor rebuilds, or as needed to:

  • Diagnose faults in hydraulic circuits
  • Determine horsepower
  • Test for component wear and cylinder leaks
  • Load hydraulic circuits using the integrated needle valve
  • Check flow, pressure, and temperature with one tool
  • Measure flows from 1 » 150 GPM (~3.8 » 567L/min) and pressures up to 5,000PSI (344bar / 34.4MPa)


Units are available with (WTA models) or without (K & T Styles) external protective cover:



For more information, go to our AW-Lake range of variable area flow monitors (link) or send us an enquiry!