Further extending their total solids product portfolio, Cerlic has released a newly developed CMC ITL (insertion type) model for the measurement of high solids (<30% TS).



Adding to their traditional “flow through” models, the CMC ITL will bring built-in self-cleaning to the total solids range, dramatically reducing the need for Operator intervention and manual cleaning in applications prone to build-up.  As with the X-Sensors range of total suspended solids (TSS) sensors, customers can utilise either compressed air or pressurised water for the cleaning process, with no consumables or moving parts.



To again simplify maintenance, service and periodical inspections, Cerlic has incorporated a “hot tap” mounting option, allowing site to isolate and remove the CMC from the process without having to stop flow or purge the pipe.  For most installations this will dramatically reduce installation costs by removing the need for by-pass pipework.


In response to customer feedback, for the first time in a microwave TS sensor, Cerlic will also offer a 24VDC alternative of the CMC, alongside the the standard 240VAC unit.


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